"I first noticed the RoboGolfPro while watching a tournament on TV this past winter. I was lucky enough to find out there was one right here in Plymouth and thought I'd explore. Sure glad I did! The technology is awesome and was exactly what I've been looking for. The process of having you "feel" the proper movements in a golf swing with the help of the Robot was awesome. Trevor's knowledge of the golf swing and his teaching expertise have been invaluable to me. Being a single digit handicap, I can honestly say this has been the best teaching experience I've had. No question that I'm hitting the ball better than 15 years ago. To anybody looking to improve, I would recommend Trevor and the "Robo" experience without any hesitation."

- Rick


"First heard about Robo Golf and Perfect Swing Minnesota from a golfing buddy. I have been taking lessons from Trevor Christianson since April, 2016. The robot is no gimmick. For the average golfer that struggles with their swing it will be an eye-opener how compact the real golf swing feels. That is the key to the robot. It will let you feel what the actual golf swing should feel like. Trevor begins by having you hit into a screen so he can identify what you need to work on. Once he makes some adjustments to your grip, setup and alignment he will setup the robot to let you feel what your swing should feel like to optimize results.

I brought in my wife, daughter and son for the basic swing evaluation and all three were very impressed with what they learned about their swing in 90 minutes with Trevor. I have had lessons from several instructors over the course of 30 years and Trevor is by far the best swing coach I have ever worked with on my swing. He makes it very easy to understand the mechanics of the golf swing and how to identify your swing flaws and he will give you the tools to play more consistent golf. I have recommended Trevor and Prefect Swing Minnesota to several of my friends and would encourage everyone who wants to improve to give it a try."

- Mike

"My wife and I began working with Trevor Christianson and using the Robo Golf Pro in February, 2015. The benefits we have received from the Robo Golf Pro are undeniable. When my wife began lessons with Trevor she had the classic over-the-top move which resulted in weak shots to the right. My issue was more with consistency due to a swing path too far from the inside. For those new to golf, my wife's issues are common with beginning or infrequent golfers, mine with more advanced players. We have both improved with the help of the Robo Golf Pro. I can not overstate the efficiency of the machine. Our learning curve is dramatically faster due to the ability to repeat the proper swing and/or feeling time after time. The almost limitless capabilities of the machine allows Trevor to focus on any aspect of the swing. With that said, the Robo Golf Pro is just a machine and would be of minimal help if it was not for a great instructor. Trevor Christianson is that instructor. He is knowledgeable, patient, adaptable, kind, and has an enthusiasm for this great game of golf that would make anyone excited about the prospects of beginning this wonderful game or improving their current game."

- Iain, Apple Valley

"I started working with Perfect Swing and Trevor back in May of 2015.  My initial goal was to "get my swing corrected" as I was frustrated with the inconsistent scores and not knowing what or how to adjust things, when the poor shots crept in to my game.  We began with a current swing analysis, combined with video which showed where the improvements needed to be made.  The next step was utilizing the swing robot to get the proper swing down and starting correct muscle swing memory.  This was critical for me in that I knew that with the repetition of swings on the robot, then hitting against the indoor simulator would give me the confidence I needed that my swing was technically correct during each lesson. 

Once the main issues with the swing was corrected, then we could work on some other refinements to ensure I was maximizing power through the swing and proper club face alignment and contact with the ball.  All of this has helped my game tremendously and I was able to not only establish a consistent swing plane with the swing robot, but when a poor shot occurred, what to do to correct it on the next shot. 

Another important benefit to the program is the "right and wrong" video analysis that Trevor provides.  This is extremely helpful to visualize post lesson, so that I know what to work on at the course. 

Anyone looking to really improve their game with a patient and knowledgeable PGA teaching professional, with the latest technologies that don't exist with other golf lesson programs, you should look at Perfect Swing as the answer to making yourself an improved and more self aware golfer."

- Sean, Arden Hills